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Course Description

Child safety is about keeping children and young people safe from abuse and protecting them from people who are identified as unsuitable to work with children. Safe and enjoyable sport and recreation experiences are the right of every Australian child. Keeping children and young people safe is a priority and everyone’s responsibility. You will learn about what motivates kids’ participation in sport and identify poor behaviour and how to address it while considering the views and opinions of children and young people.

Key concepts covered in this course:

  • what child abuse is
  • your rights and responsibilities under child protection laws
  • how the laws apply to sporting organisations, clubs, their employees and volunteers
  • when, where and how to report incidents
  • ensure that you comply with the child protection laws in your state


You will need to have one of the following or an equivalent that is currently valid:

  • Working With Children Check
  • National Police Clearance
  • Blue Card
  • Ochre Care
  • Working With Vunerable People Card

This will need to be uploaded in Lesson 21 and you will not be able to proceed to the test questions to obtain the certificate without doing so.

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