Lesson 10: Negative Effects

Now let’s consider the impact of these incidents.

Effects on the child/young person:

  • Exposing children to this behaviour is completely unacceptable and often unlawful. Sport is a place for fun – turning it into an environment of abuse and violence is traumatic, having a huge impact of their enjoyment, emotional wellbeing and physical safety. It’s hard to see kids present at these incidents continuing to enjoy sport.

Effects on other adults present:

  • Exposing anyone to this behaviour is unacceptable and often unlawful. Not only could it impact their emotional wellbeing and physical safety – parents would be reluctant to return their children to the sport.

Effects on the club and sport:

  • Children, parents and adults present at these types of incidents are likely to drop out. The club and sports reputation are damaged, and they are no longer seen as a safe and friendly place to play sport.


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