Lesson 11: Step 1 – Assess

The first step in becoming a Child Safe sport is to be fully aware of where you are now. Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in Step 1-Assess.


  • Assess involves forming an understanding of the current state of your policies and procedures. The team gathers evidence of the policies and procedures throughout your sport. The next part is to understand which include child safe elements, and how.

Who’s involved

  • Child Safe Working group, human resources and/or learning and development teams, marketing, quality management and operations (incident reporting).


  • Review all organisational policies and procedures, particularly any relating specifically to children. At a minimum NSOs will have a Member Protection Policy.
  • The list of existing policies and procedures may include; mission statement/strategy documents, human resources, induction, standard interview questions, position descriptions, learning and development, social media, reporting, code of behaviour, member protection and child protection.
  • Review the list against the Toolkit and use the templates to create new or strengthen existing policies.


  • The strengthening and a listing of all policies related to children that are easy for everyone involved in your sport to access the required information.


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