Lesson 2: The Value of Kids Sport

Aussie kids love sport, with 1.7 million kids aged 5-14 years participating in sport right across the country. Let’s discover the many benefits kids may gain from being regularly active.

Social Benefits

Social benefits include fun with friends and development of skills such as cooperation and team work.

Emotional and Intellectual Benefits

Emotional and intellectual benefits includes improvement of self-esteem, concentration and management of anxiety and stress.

Health Benefits

Health benefits include reduction in the risk of developing type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease, improved physical fitness, coordination and movement skills plus reduction to the risk of unhealthy weight gain. Sport participation also builds strong muscles and bones and promotes healthy growth and development.


Research also tells us that participating in sport may help kids to learn life skills such as negotiation, leadership, and goal setting. Kids perform better at school, develop social connections and learn to deal with success and failure. Kids also develop good habits that lead to a more active lifestyle as adults.


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