Lesson 24: Impact of Abuse

Child abuse has the potential to damage a child’s mental and physical health, to negatively impact on their future and to create problems for the child that may last well into adulthood.

The damage from child abuse is never limited to the child. It is a natural instinct to want to protect children, and any crime against them has a far-reaching impact on the family of the child, and on the community.

This damage from child abuse can also extend to sporting clubs and organisations, and to the people within those clubs and organisations who are tainted by one person’s abusive behaviours.

Reputations are hard fought and easily lost.

Dealing with an abuse complaint can take a heavy toll on a club, its committee and volunteers. One cruel or abusive action can ripple out to impact on literally hundreds of people.

It cannot be stressed enough that the work done by a club or organisation to ensure a child safe environment will have far-reaching positive benefits.


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