Lesson 4: Roles and Responsibilities of a Coach


  • As a coach of young people, you are in a position of power and influence. Young people will look up to you, and be guided by your actions. You will likely have the most amount of interaction with young people at your club or sporting organisation, so you will often be among the first to see or recognise a developing problem or situation.
  • You have a key role in any club or sporting organisation.


  • treat all children respectfully, and within the child protection laws of Australia (free from any form of abuse).
  • refrain from any form of verbal abuse, or verbal communications that are harmful, spiteful or sexually suggestive.
  • act appropriately and responsibly with children of all ages (up to 18 years).
  • raise your ‘child safe’ awareness to be able to spot any problems or situations before they escalate.
  • inform the nominated club or organisational officer if you witness or suspect any situations that may potentially lead to, or may constitute, child abuse.
  • be a positive influence, and/or voice for change, in the creation of a child safe environment at your club or sporting organisation.
  • make sure that your intentions, your actions and your efforts ensure a child safe environment.


  • “As coach, I expect all kids at the club to treat each other with respect. I won’t tolerate bullying, abusive language or put downs. These can all lead to much worse situations if they’re not checked at the gate.”


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