Lesson 4: The Child Safe Sport Toolkit

The ASC has developed the Child Safe Sport Toolkit to help sports provide a safe environment for children. Each heading explains more about the toolkit’s background.

Toolkit Background

The Child Safe Sport Toolkit is one of the outputs of the “National Safeguarding Children in Sport Strategy”. This strategy was developed following 2014 National Forums with sports and 2013 Our Sporting Future workshops which identified Child Protection as a key issue affecting sports.

Who is involved?

  • The ASC and the Australian Childhood Foundation (ACF) have been working together since 2012 to review and improve the safety of children and young people in sport.
  • State sport and recreation organisations are working with the ASC and ACF to provide training and support to sports as they work through the toolkit.
  • Some sports are already implementing the Child Safe Sport Toolkit.

What is in the toolkit

  • The toolkit has two parts, it includes:
  • a process for sports to review, improve their sport culture, policies and procedures around child safety
  • tools you will need throughout this process to embed child safety throughout your sport.


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