Lesson 6: Roles and Responsibilities of a Parent


  • As a parent who attends games, practice sessions or club functions, you are both a role model and a responsible adult when it comes to all children you encounter within the club or sporting organisation environment.


  • treat all children respectfully, and within the child protection laws of Australia (free from any form of abuse).
  • act in accordance with your club and sport’s code of conduct on how to interact with children of all ages (up to 18 years).
  • be aware of your club or organisation’s policies and reporting processes and act accordingly if you witness or suspect any situations that may potentially lead to, or may constitute, child abuse.
  • be a positive influence in the creation of a child safe environment at your club or sporting organisation.


  • “Parents just want players to enjoy being part of a sport or a team, and to lookout for each other like any good team would do.”


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