Lesson 11: Sideline Yelling

Most poor adult behaviour isn’t at the extreme end of the spectrum though. There are more common examples of negative behaviour at kids sport.

Watch the video to listen to Kane’s story Then think about the points below.

Now ask yourself:

  • Did the adults calling out help Kane?
  • What was the effect on Kane?
  • If it persists all game, how might this affect other kids and adults at the game?

Points To Remember:

  • Developing decision making skills is a huge benefit of sport. Kids need to practice what they’re learning and make their own decisions, without instruction from the sideline
  • Coaching should be left to the coach
  • Constant instructions and yelling from the sideline creates a negative atmosphere, affecting other kids and adults at the game. Adults need to be aware not only do kids not want to hear their shouting – others present don’t either.
  • Mistakes are an important part of learning – kids must be allowed to make them without negativity from adults.
  • Encouragement works far better than criticism for a kid trying to correct mistakes


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