Lesson 12: Criticising Officials

Let’s look at another common scenario.

Watch the video to listen to Josie’s story. Then consider the points below.

Adults criticising officials, either at the game and afterwards, can be common at kid’s sport. Let’s look at the impact of the parent’s behaviour.

The impact of the parent’s behaviour on Josie.

  • It’s a poor role model teaching Josie mistakes are not okay, to make excuses, to disrespect authority, to be rude and to be selfish.

The impact of the parent’s behaviour on the referee.

  • This impacts the referee’s skill development and emotional wellbeing, causing loss of confidence through to outright distress.
  • Many officials drop out due to abuse.
  • Without officials, we have no sport. They deserve respect.

The impact of the parent’s behaviour on the other children and adults at the game.

  • Most people go to sport for fun. The parents’ abuse of the umpire is rude and sets a bad example to kids present impacting everyone’s enjoyment of the game.


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