Lesson 12: Step 2 – Update and Expand




Now that you have an understanding of all your sport’s policies and procedures it is time to decide what you need to do to become more child safe. Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in Step 2-Update and Expand.


  • Comparing your current policies and procedures in the toolkit, you evaluate what changes need to be made to become a Child Safe Sport. This may include updating existing policies, or creating new ones. Consultation is an important part of this step to ensure the resulting policies truly reflect your sport’s unique nature. It is also a chance to start gaining buy-in from your stakeholders for a fully integrated result. Consultation can include other sports to gain any insights they may have which your sport may use.

Who’s involved

  • Child Safe Working group, Sport Leadership Team, Key stakeholders


  • Sport policies and procedures
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Other sports
  • Toolkit templates: Child Safe Policy, Child Safe Code of Conduct, Child Safe Recruitment and Screening Requirements, Recruitment Interview Questions, Recruitment Screening and Induction Requirements, Recruitment Advertising Statements, Child Safe Induction and Training, New Employee Induction Checklist, Responding to child abuse reports and allegations policy, Child Abuse Incident Report Form, Policy Checklist


  • A full suite of sport specific policies and procedures which include essential child safe elements


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