Lesson 13: Step 3 – Endorsement

Now that you have an updated suite of policies and procedures it is time to start the process of putting them into practice. Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in Step 3-Endorsement.


  • This step started earlier when your sport’s leadership team helped form the new policies. This step is where you gain formal endorsement of these new policies. This is a key part for ensuring the changes are supported and enacted from the top down.

Who’s involved

  • Key contact
  • Senior leadership team


  • If the authorising position or team has any feedback on the policy and procedure then this needs to be incorporated and resubmitted for sign-off. It is important to provide regular feedback to senior management and/or the board as well as any state sporting organisations or member associations throughout the process. If the relevant people are kept up to date with the project it should take less time to endorse the policy.


  • Formal signing of the new policies and procedures.


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