Lesson 14: Step 4 – Communication




You’re almost ready to roll out your new policies and processes. But, you need to make sure everyone is on the same page. Communication is key for making sure the changes you implement will be a success.Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in
Step 4-Communication.


  • Communication is key to ensuring everyone knows the new policies and procedures and what this means for them. It may take a while to ensure that everyone in your sport is aware of the new policies, and gain buy-in and momentum for the way forward. Various groups within your sport will have different communication needs, depending on their role and contact with your sport.

Who’s involved

  • Child Safe Working group
  • Key Contact
  • Marketing / media team
  • Stakeholders
  • Leadership team, elite athletes and other key promoters


  • Your new policies and procedures
  • Any communication documentation you have, or develop
  • All avenues of communication including newsletters, meetings, forums, social media.
  • Toolkit templates: Poster – Responding to Incidents, Disclosures, and Suspicions of Child Abuse – Four Critical Actions, Child Safe Poster


  • A communication plan for go-live
  • A whole sport awareness of the new policies and procedures, dates for go-live and what is expected of each stakeholder.


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