Lesson 15: Step 5 – Implementation

It’s now time to put all your hard work into practice. You’ve Assessed, updated, planned and communicated all your policies ready for the new world. It’s time to make it happen. Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in Step 5-Implementation.


  • This step puts your planning, processes and policies into practice. From go-live your sport will follow the new Child Safe policies and processes. As part of this process you will need to implement a Quality Assurance program to ensure the new policies are being adhered to and to identify any problems or issues which are encountered.

Who’s involved

  • Everyone
  • Key contact
  • Child Safe Working group


  • Your new policies and procedures


  • A changing sport culture where child safe practices are embedded into the fabric of your sport.
  • Reporting on the implementation and following of the new policies.


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