Lesson 16: Step 6 – Review

All the hard work has been done and your sport now has the policies and procedures in place to become a Child Safe Sport. But in order to ensure that it stays there, this step is the most important one for ensuring that the value of the effort your whole sport has done continues. Read each heading to understand more about what’s involved in Step 6-Review.


  • On a regular basis, at least annually, your sport needs to review your policies in light of the changing operating environment as well as state and national legislation to ensure that the policies remain current and relevant. Following the review, you will probably need to repeat steps 1-5 to some extent to assess, update, endorse, communicate and implement your policies. This may also be a time to communicate with other sports to see if there are any learnings they have done that you can take on board.

Who’s involved

  • Key Contact
  • Child Safe Working group
  • Key stakeholders


  • Your new policies and procedures
  • Quality Assurance measures and reporting identified from the Implementation stage
  • Review Process for suite of child safe policies


  • A child safe sport with policies and procedures tailored to your sport and current legislation.


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