Lesson 15: Tips for Committees and Volunteers

Now let’s listen to Paul Kennedy’s advice for committees and volunteers.

Club committees and volunteers have a big role in making sure kids sport is a great experience and adults behaviour is kept in check. Below are some of the tips mentioned in the video.


  • Clubs should be prepared to deal with incidents of poor adult behaviour. Here’s what you can do:
  • Have a Member Protection Policy and Codes of Conduct
  • Have sound disciplinary procedures and incident processes
  • Consider how non-members can agree to be bound by your rules
  • Appoint a ground marshal or similar to help deal with any poor behaviour
  • Train key volunteers and members


  • Clubs should listen to children and young people. Here’s what you can do:
  • Set up a youth advisory group at your club – get regular input from kids on what they enjoy
  • Give all kids the chance to give feedback eg. have a suggestions box; social media survey
  • Share the kids views with volunteers and members – and incorporate their ideas


  • Get on the front foot and send out positive messages about the behaviour you expect at your club. Here’s what you can do:
  • Promote policies and procedures at rego, inductions, website, social media etc
  • Publish articles and tips in your newsletter, website and social media
  • Arrange pre-season meetings between key groups to discuss club policies and expectations
  • Arrange for role models from your sport to talk to players, parents and coaches
  • Play announcements on game/event days that remind people to keep their emotions in check
  • Communicate simple fair play messages via banners and posters at venues
  • Arrange a fair play day each season to reinforce positive messages


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