Lesson 7: Roles and Responsibilities of an Administrator


  • As a sport administrator, club official or committee member, you play a vital role in making sure that your club or organisation has the right child protection policies and systems in place. Remember, a club or organisation’s ‘culture’ is shaped by courage and leadership. Speaking up about practices that are not child safe, being a voice for change, making sure that systems and policies are well communicated and followed, and taking the time to check in with other roles within the club about child protection will not only create a child safe environment, but will also keep your club free from the worry, stress and legal hassles of any complaints.


  • treat all children respectfully, and within the child protection laws of Australia (free from any form of abuse).
  • act appropriately and responsibly with children of all ages (up to 18 years).
  • raise your ‘child safe’ awareness to be able to spot any problems or situations before they escalate.
  • ensure that club policies and systems regarding child protection are well placed, effective and well communicated.
  • be a positive influence, and/or voice for change, in the creation of a child safe environment in your club or sporting organisation.
  • make sure that your intentions, your actions and your efforts ensure a child safe environment.


  • “As an administrator, I want players to enjoy their sport. And if they think that another player on their team, or any other team in my club, is being hassled or bullied or abused, I want them to speak up.”


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